Crazy Monkey Defense – martial arts, but not as you know it.

Imagine if you could train a varied martial arts programme and make progress in only a couple of hours a week.

Now imagine that you trained in a challenge-based, rather than hyper-competitive environment, so training was productive and fun.

Based around old-school boxing and thaiboxing techniques, but with cutting-edge coaching and mental game added in, you will learn to handle physical, mental and emotional challenges:
Train safely while having fun.

Is it right for me?

Who it isn’t suited to
If you are looking for competition-focused training, we are not for you.
We don’t have a competition team. It’s just not what we’re about. If you want to compete, we recommend checking out a local MMA school. You’ll be happier.

Who it is suited to
Still here? Great! Can you answer yes to any of the following?

If any of those sound like you, then CMD is the perfect programme for you.

What is a class like

Classes are small and informal, whether it is our Core class (which covers the fundamentals), our Applied class (which focus on building performance) or one of our workshops or seminars. The CMD way is about training hard, training smart and having fun.

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What is Crazy Monkey?

CMD is, first and foremost, a functional martial arts programme for the everyday guy.

What does that mean? Let’s unpick it.

Functional martial arts…

What is functional martial arts? Put simply, it is martial arts that works.

—but don’t all martial arts work?

Probably, some of the time. But there is a lot out there that just isn’t really based on reality… well, today’s reality anyway.

At Crazy Monkey UK, we want you to know that your training works, because to train something that doesn’t work is a wasted opportunity.

So you will learn simple, effective martial arts skills that build on your bodies natural responses, and then we’ll train them. A lot.

We train everything from an athletic base that gives you the fitness and confidence to perform those skills, under pressure, if you ever have to.

That way, you will know that your training works. There might not be whistles and bells, and there will be no spinning bird kicks, but you will have a great foundation in boxing and kickboxing that lets you train in a productive way every week.

…for the everyday guy

Who is the everyday guy?

You. Your friends. Your colleagues. And we don’t just mean guys here. We’re co-ed monkeys.

I’m a dad, I work full time in a professional environment and I’ m past the point in my life where I a) want to compete for trophies or b) want to explain to my girls/boss/clients why I have a black eye. I want to have fun training, be safe, and know that I’m fit and healthy. If I can also work off the stress of the day, learn how to handle that stress better and generally build some skills to meet everyday life head on then I’m happy. Fundamentally, I want to know that if I need to step up to the plate for any reason, I can.

Phil Wright, Crazy Monkey UK coach and proud everyday guy.

Philosopher meets warrior

Crazy Monkey isn’t just a martial arts system.

It is a movement, a group of people in clubs around the world who want to find a way to balance of their internal warrior with their internal philosopher.

It is trained, and coached, by people who want to tap into their natural instincts, learn how to embrace chaos, and do so with a quiet mind.

How we deliver this

A defense that works – from lesson one – so you feel safe whether you are working boxing or self defence.

A progressive, confidence-building training path that develops a martial arts game, keeps you learning and lets you test it as you go.

Specific mental game training that lets you keep focused, present and mindful under pressure– and shows you how these skills can be translated to any environment: Work, home, public-speaking etc.


All classes are held at High Lane Village Hall, In High Lane Park, Off Windlehurst Road, High Lane, SK6 8AB.

Core Class - Tues 7pm

The Core Class is our Fundamentals class, and will be your introduction to the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. You will work with a partner, using pads and gloves, to practice and develop the core skills of the program. The aim of this class is to get you moving, build your confidence and start giving you an understanding of how a boxing/kickboxing game should work. Everything you learn in this class is the foundation upon which all the more advanced material is built.

Applied Crazy Monkey class - Tuesday 8pm

Build performance, fitness, confidence and a strong mental game in our boxing-based Applied class.

Perfomance sparring class - Tuesday 9pm

Extend your game with a class that blends Boxing, Kickboxing and Clinchboxing with somatics to build performance.

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